Security Services


On-Site Services

Star Protection’s on-site security service is a professional and innovative approach dedicated to protecting client assets. Our team of professionals possess unrivaled experience in all aspects of on-site security. From static guard service, access control, mobile patrol service, and beyond. Our levels of service are of paramount to us. From the initial security consultation and assessment to the implementation of a workable, flexible, and affordable site security solution.
Our key components for success are recruiting, hiring, training, management, communication, and follow-through. These components enable us to ensure a high level of customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.


Concierge Services

Regardless of what your industry is–office building, residential community, or even a hotel–we can tailor safety and security strategies to meet your concierge needs. We work closely with your management team to ensure that our Concierge Professionals execute their duties with high levels of performance. We recognize that every client is different, and we create effective and personalized services. Your large office complex may require a team of concierge professionals, while a luxury condo community may require only one Concierge Professional per shift. Concierge Professionals may primarily concentrate on preventing crime and controlling building access, others may need a much more comprehensive plan including service to the general public, emergency response, and more.


Mobile Vehicle Patrol


Star Protection provides random checks by security patrol vehicles. Our Patrol Personnel are senior members of our staff and they are on the road daily. These experienced officers provide thorough security checks for properties that may not need, or can’t afford a full-time security professional experience. Out Patrol Personnel staff is able to provide assistance in the area of physical security checks, parking control, removal of unauthorized persons from a property, and emergency response. When an incident arises, they can be dispatched to a particular location to ensure that the situation is handled properly and efficiently. Once the situation is under control, all of the information is put into a report to our client. All patrol checks are verified by the use of Silvertrac Software, and the reports of these tours can be delivered to suit your needs.



Star Protection provides fast response if your fire panel or security system is out of service. Our officers will patrol your site to ensure safety and security. With a strong knowledge of fire and elevator panels, we can assist your engineers and maintain safety while repairs are being performed.