The Benefits of Video Surveillance

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If you run a business, keeping your facility, your employees, and your clients safe at all times should be your top priority. One of the best security investments you can make is in a network of security cameras. You may even have some already!

In today’s post, we’ll look at the biggest advantages of having a security camera system for your business. If you don’t know much about security systems, let Star Protection take care of you. Our highly-trained professional guards can keep your property safe and look after your security camera systems. We offer a wide range of security options to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Get in touch today to learn more or to discuss security for your business. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Stay Aware

The biggest benefit of a security camera system is obvious: you can see what’s going on! With security cameras you are able to glance at a screen and see what is going on in any region of your business. Just a few of the easy applications for cameras are:

  • Monitoring an office of employees
  • Ensuring freight deliveries happen without incident
  • Watching customer behavior
  • Deterring theft
  • Keeping an eye on parking lots and walkways

When you become more aware of what is happening in your business, you can increase your productivity and keep your investments secure.


Security cameras are a very flexible investment. If you only operate a small shop, one or two cameras may be perfect for you. If your building has multiple storeys and a large parking lot, then you may need dozens of cameras. No matter how many cameras you need, integrating them into your business can be very simple. If you expand in the future, integrating new cameras into your existing network is also an easy upgrade!

Deters Crime

In the unlikely event that a crime does occur on your premises, having a security system in place can make your life much easier. Often times, would-be thieves will see the presence of security cameras in place, and it will make them think twice about their actions. If they still choose to follow through with their plans, you will have a record of the actions which will help the police catch the criminals, and will quickly move things along with your insurance company.

24-Hour Coverage

No matter the time of day or night, you are able to see what has happened at your business with a security camera system. If you have worries about what happens during the off hours on your property, a security system will let you review the recordings so you know if your premises are secure. If you have any employees, they can rest easy knowing that there is always an eye on them looking out for their safety.

Remote Viewing

There have been leaps and bounds made in security technology over the past years. Previously, you had to have a very complex setup to view your security camera feed, but that is not always the case anymore! Thanks to the advances in smart technologies, you can often view your security cameras from anywhere! So whether you’re in the back office or on vacation, you can check on your business to make sure everything is running smoothly.

When you are in need of a security professional to take care of your camera system, monitor your parking lots, keep your business secure, and more, get in touch with Star Protection. We love working in our communities, and we always look forward to interacting with new people. Get in touch with us now to make sure that you are well protected. We offer our services in the Pacific Northwest and more, so contact us to see how we can help you!

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